The solutions of Guala Closures Group

Guala Closures Group makes high-technology closures, specifically designed for olive oil , which mean excellent performance in terms of protecting product quality

  • prevention of the risks of oxidation and contamination, which are common to the consumption of small quantities of bottled oil
  • control of the quantity of oil poured
  • elimination of drips along the oil bottle when pouring is interrupted (anti-drip devices)


Guala Closures Group olive oil closures anticipate the needs of a market that is constantly changing in terms of legislation; they represent the ideal solution to:


  • guarantee olive oil producers and places where food is served a product that complies with obligations envisaged at national level and in line with general market tendencies
  • ensure that consumers enjoy quality olive oil, safeguarding health and providing certainty that the product matches the information shown on the label, even for products purchased for use at home
  • protect olive oil producers and the olive growing market from serious economic harm and damage to their reputations caused by olive oil counterfeiters

The most widespread: the “standard” range


The majority of olive oil closures are produced from aluminium, a material that is a distinctive symbol of the highest levels of quality and widely acknowledged by olive oil producers and consumers for its ability to preserve the distinct taste of the product contained in the bottle.
Our Aluminium olive oil closures are available in a range of sizes, so that they can be easily adapted to the different bottle shapes, and can be fitted with an internal or external hook at the neck of the bottle. These types of closures are suitable for the standard neckfinish generally used for glass olive oil bottles.
Our range of standard closures is completed by a diverse selection of pourers specifically designed for the viscosity of the olive oil which, depending on the holes, enables different quantities of the product to flow and prevent the oil clogging up and leading to the risk of oxidation.
Furthermore, all of our pourers are fitted with anti-drip devices to avoid undesireable and messy drips down the bottle.


Standard sizes

Diameter 31.5 mm – height 24/44 mm

Diameter 35 – height 24 mm

Normal and special pourers, internal or external hook

Standard Neck Finish UNI 10155 (PP internal pourer) UNI10666 (PP external pourer) UNE 126409 (PP internal pourer)

Options to personalise decoration


The most practical: VERSO


VERSO is a patented and innovative system designed to guarantee a completely new experience when using the product, with perfect pouring and dripping control.

The VERSO system is comprised of an aluminium screwcap and by a nozzle which “jumps out” every time it is used and retracts back into the bottle when the cap is reapplied

The use of an aluminium screwcap guarantees that the unique physical chemistry and organoleptical properties of the olive oil are preserved over time.


The “non-drip” shape of the nozzle, specifically designed to enhance the flow viscosity of the oil, as well as the height and the diameter which are ideal for controlling the quantity of oil poured, make Verso the perfect solution for daily use, even directly at the table.



Diameter 31.5 – height 24-44

Patented pourer VERSO, now available also with “SPRING”

Standard Neck Finish UNI 10155 (PP internal pourer) UNI10666 (PP external pourer) UNE 126409 (PP internal pourer)

Options to personalise decoration


The safest: 1031 OLIO

Non-refillable closure systems are a fundamental tool to counter one of the most widespread praactices in olive oil counterfeiting: the re-filling of oil bottles with low quality oils and, in a worst case scenario, containing substances that can be harmful to health.

Non-refillable closures prevent a real phenomenon that restaurants, bars and public eateries in general are particularly susceptible to.

In reality, re-filling oil bottles causes considerable harm to consumers and additionally to producers of quality virgin and extra virgin olive oil in terms of reputation and lost income.


In several European countries, such as Italy and Spain, national legislation obliges places serving food only to use olive oil in original labelled containers, fitted with non-refillable closures.


The 1031 TE  non-refillable closure was the result of Guala Closures Groups international experience in the sector of anti counterfeit solutions for to the global spirits  industry and reduces the risk of contamination and refilling to a minimum thanks to our system comprised of five components, anchored to the neck of the bottle.

The non-drip pourer and flow stopper in PP, designed specifically for the viscosity of the olive oil, enable perfect dosing and eliminates drips down the bottle.

The tamper-evident seal is fully patented and the valve system that prevents re-filling means that the integrity of the pack can be clearly seen at the time of purchase.






Diameter 32 mm – height 47/54/59  mm

Guala mouth 1031/47 TE

Options to personalise decoration



ALUSNAP OLIO is a new safety closure for olive oil made of plastic and aluminium; its exclusive design meets the most sophisticated market desires for brand image and identity.

ALUSNAP OLIO guarantee the most advanced anti-counterfeiting solutions:

non-refillable device;

closure’s enhanced locking to the beda of the bottle which, when removed, creates visible damage;

Patented automatic Tamper Evident (T.E.) system which comprises a coloured band that becomes visible only after the first opening and subsequent re-closing of the bottle

The non-drip spout, specifically designed for olive oil, means that you can pour exactly the right amount and eliminate drips down the bottle neck.


Diameter & height 32 X 47
in mm

Tamper Evident
(T.E.) system A plastic band appears
at the first opening

Neck Finish Dedicated Guala Closures

Application Snap On


The most comfortable and elegant solution to protect your brand!

SHERRY OIL is the new safety closure for olive oil, made of plastic and aluminum. This closure can be designed to suit all the different artworks required by the customer.

SHERRY OIL ensures innovative solutions againts counterfeiting:

  • Non- Refillable device
  • The closure has been designed to stay anchored to the neck of the bottle and to clearly damage itself when removed from the bottle
  • Tamper Evident System (TE) which is internal, patented and automatic composed of a plastic ring that becomes visible after the first opening

The non-drip pourer and flow stopper, designed specifically for the viscosity of the olive oil, enable perfect dosing and eliminates drips down the bottle.

Sherry Olio_1Sherry Olio_2

Standard neck finish

Guala 1031


Diameter 33 mm

Height 47 mm


Diameter 33 mm

Height 59 mm

Possibility of different artworks for the closure